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US Securities Litigation

We have established a relationship with a leading U.S. securities litigation law firm to provide institutional investors in Taiwan with advice and support in the area of U.S. securities claims and litigation. Only one-third to one-half of institutional investors holding U.S. securities file the required claims to receive monies from class action settlements to which they are entitled. This unclaimed money can amount to billions of dollars every year. The failure now to have an established portfolio monitoring service or similar program in place not only leaves monies unclaimed but potentially opens those institutions up to claims from their investors for a breach of their fiduciary duties.

We offer the following to institutional investors in Taiwan:

  • Claims and Litigation Monitoring and Filing Service. This includes providing clients regular updates about settlements that they may be entitled to, filing settlement claims with the relevant administrators in the U.S. on behalf of those clients, and the routine monitoring of all investigations of securities litigation claims. This service also includes updates on possible litigation against companies that clients hold or have held securities in.
  • Portfolio Monitoring Service in conjunction with the U.S. law firm. This includes the above but with the added value of direct monitoring of the past and current holdings of clients on a timely basis for entitlement to settlements or to participate in or initiate litigation.
  • Litigation Counseling for U.S. securities fraud in conjunction with the U.S. law firm including advice on opting to step forward as lead plaintiff or electing to file an individual suit.

Team Members: Marcus Clinch